Non Asbestos Millboard Sheets

We manufacture Non Asbestos Millboard that is fabricated from best quality inorganic mineral and ceramic fibres, incombustible fillers and binders that are imported from highly trusted vendors, from across the world. These are envoirnmental friendly sheets with zero percent asbestos content.This is a versatile thermal insulation and heat resistant material produced in sheet form using selected clean, long asbestos free fibres of uniform quality.

It does not suffer loss of strength upto 538°C. When suitably supported the board can be used satisfactorily at extreme temperatures upto approx. 1500°C.It is compactly bound & has smooth surface. Our non asbestos millboard contains various qualities including: low thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity, low thickness and high temperature resistivity. Our product can be easily cut, punched or wet molded and thus can be customised as per customer requirements.

These Non Asbestos Mill Boards serve various applications with utmost precision across various industries including insulation, Automobile Gaskets, Padding, Construction of Roller Conveyors, Fire Safety, Environmental Safety, Protection and Equipment and many more.

We manufacture different qualities of Non Asbestos Millboard Sheets as per requirements and application.

Specification Compliance

Grades Chand Non Asbestos Millboard
Available thickness (mm) 1.5 - 12.0
Nominal density (gms/ cc) 1.15
Tensile Strength (min.)
  1. Along grain (kg/cm2)
  2. Across grain (kg/cm2)
Loss on ignition at 800°C (max.) 12%
Thermal Conductivity @
150°C mean Temp. (W/moC)
Moisture Content (max.) 2%
Electric Strength(Proof)in air
@ 90oC ( kV/mm )
Standard Size - 1 Metre * 1 Metre
Average contents per crate - 100 Kg