Asbestos Disks

These heat resistant discs are made from materials containing a higher percentage of asbestos crysotile fibres and a small quantity of organic binder, to with stand the application temperatures exceeding 1000°C. The raw materials used in the production process are imported from highly trusted vendors, from across the world.We provide Asbestos Disks as per customer dimension and requirements. The low thermal conductivity of asbestos mill-board, its rigidity, its hightemperature resistivity and its availability in low thickness make it an ideal material for applications where other insulation materials cannot be used.

Size and Thickness - As per Customer Requirement
Specification Compilance - Din 3752
Composition and Properties
Loss of Ignition 14.80%
Silca Si02 43.90%
Ferric. Fe 2o3 4.95%
Alumina Al 2o3 3.96%
Calcium oxcide Ca0 1.65%
Magnesium oxcide Mgo 30.26%
Titanium Dioxcide Tio2 0.08%
Moisture 0.90%